About Us
Somerset Construction Training Group
On behalf of the Members we would like to welcome you to: Somerset Construction Training Limited, a newly formed Training Group

Through the web site our intention is to provide you with regular updates on what is happening both in the Group and bulletins on news in the Construction Industry.  The site has the facility for you to share your views with other members of the Group, and we hope that as well as finding the site useful you will let us know if you feel we can improve this facility.   

Why do we exist?
The Group is a forum for construction companies to work together, share ideas, take part in cost effective training locally and receive up-to-date information about the industry.

What do we do?
We have organised workshops and active training programmes in accordance with the needs of the Members.  Networking with other organisations such as Business Link, Colleges, Federations and citb helps us to work together where possible to meet the needs of the companies in the construction industry.  We liaise with the other Groups in the South West Area to share ideas and assist where possible.

How do we do it?
The Group has its own Training Officer appointed by the Committee to work on its behalf.  The Group is run by a committee with the approval of the Members.
What is Somerset Construction Training all about?

The focus of the Somerset Group is to access local, cost effective training to meet the needs of its Members by:

Encouraging members to plan their company training and development requirements for the future thus enabling the Group to source both individual and collective training for their workforce. 

Producing an annual local training programme to meet the requirements of the members.

Providing a means of distributing up-to-date information on current training issues and to provide a forum for discussing these.

Continually seeking to maintain and increase membership numbers to ensure the growth and credibility of the group with longstanding and new ideas.

Encouraging and facilitate links between Federations, Colleges, Training Providers, Career Organisations and citb to share knowledge, develop opportunities to work in partnership.